With the new TMWhatsApp version, you can use 2 WhatsApp accounts in a single App

TMWhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods you can look out for on the Internet. With a bunch of exciting features hosted on the App, TMWhatsApp now has a new feature that allows you to use 2 WhatsApp accounts without the need to install separate WhatsApp versions on the same smartphone.

With the new feature, your single TMWhatsApp installation works as a host to multiple numbers. By this, you can use two different numbers, two different chats on your single TMWhatsApp installation. Also, you can design both accounts differently without uninstalling the base App.

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By this standard, you can set one account to have a blue theme, then your second account to have a green theme. Once set, you’ll be able to identify your accounts with ease, and use them for both individual or group chats.

According to the TMWhatsApp developer Titus Mukisa, this feature is available on the latest version of the App starting with Version 7.75. But once the feature is welcomed with open arms by the App fans, future TMWhatsApp versions may as well host the feature which ranks as a game-changer from the trend of installing multiple WhatsApp instances on a single smartphone.

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So, to get started with using 2 WhatsApp accounts within a single moded version of TMWhatsApp. Simply update to version 7.75 or higher by downloading the latest Apk here on Android Comet. Once installed, you’ll be able to use a bunch of features hosted by TMWhatsApp that you may never find on other WhatsApp mods available on the Internet.



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