How to create a WiFi Hotspot on Android and secure it with a Password

To create a WiFi hotspot on Android, you could be targeting a sharing is caring plan, or simply want to connect your computer and use your phone’s data plan to access Internet on your PC.

Commonly, when you create a Wifi Hotspot on Android, the main intention is to share your phone’s Internet connection with your computer, or to simply connect friends and family around you to connect and use through your Internet connection.

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Depednign on your goal, creating a secure WiFi Hostpot protected with a password is a good behavior to limit any uninivted gustest from joining your Intenrt sharing party.

In fact, if you don’t protect your Android Hotspot, a Man in the middle attack can be easily deployed on your network with a goal to leak your private information and data to the outside world, if not hack your financial records for the attacker’s gain.

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So, each time you opt to create a Hotspot on Android, always be sure to protect it with a Password to limit intruders and other uninvited guests from encroaching on your Internet connection. Nonetheless, here is how you can create a WiFi hotspot on your Android Smartphone.

How to create a WiFi Hotspot on Android

  • On Your Applications menu, Go to Settings
  • Under settings, choose Mobile and Networks,
  • Under other Wireless Connections, Choose Hotspot and tethering
  • Once selected, choose Personal Hotspot
  • Then Tap Personal Hotspot settings to set up your WiFi name
  • Set your preferred Hotspot name that will be visible to other devices
  • Then, Under Security, choose WPA2 PSK to set an 8digit password
  • Once set, click Save and Turn on your Hotspot by swiping the Hotspot button to ON
  • Done: Your WiFi Hotspot will be turned on and start broadcasting to all nearby devices

How to Secure your WiFi Hotspot with a strong Password

We strongly recommend settings up a secure password for your newly created WiFi hotspot. This is due to the fact that security is necessary when creating a stable WiFi network you can easily manage.

So, when setting up a password, always use WPA2 PSK if its avaialble on the list of modes which may include WEP, WAP, among others.

Also, you can choose to hide your WiFi hotspot name from appearing on devices and only enter it manually for maximum security. Nonetheless, here is how you can set up a strong password for your hotspot.

  • Under the Personal Hotspot settings menu
  • Click Security and Choose WPA2 PSK from the list
  • Then, enter an 8Digit Password combined with letters and numbers you can easily remember and note down
  • Once Entered, Click Save to update your WiFi hotspot settings with the new password
  • Done: You Just secured your Android WiFi Hotspot with a password



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