Google Maps Dark Mode is now on Android, here is how to turn it on


Google Maps dark mode is now on Android, you can now turn on the feature to enjoy navigations without necessarily straining your eyes. The feature was first tested with selected Beta Users in September last year, and now, all users can access Google Maps dark mode globally along with an array of features for other Android apps and services.

Alongside, Google Maps dark mode for android, the other new features that have been rolled out to other GMS apps include TalkBack, Android Auto, among others. But among these, the ability for you to use Google Maps with a dark mode is one that’s eye-catching and deserving to try out.

According to Google, the new Maps dark mode will give user eyes a much-needed break from all screen fatigue they experience on their smartphones. additionally, the feature will save on device battery life and make the navigation experience comfortable for all users.

To activate dark mode for Google Maps, you need to visit the App’s settings, then, under the theme section, you select dark mode from the set of available options namely: Always in dark theme, Always in light theme, Same as device theme. When you select always in dark theme, Google Maps dark mode will always be active, as light theme maintains the usual white layout. Nevertheless, here is how you can turn on dark mode for Google Maps on your Android Smartphone.

How to Turn on Google Maps Dark Mode on Android

Step 1: Update Google Maps from the Playstore, then, From your applications list, re-open the Google Maps App

Step 2: Click your Account’s Avatar (picture) in the top right corner to reveal a list of options

Step 3: Under the list, locate and click Settings

How to Turn on Google Maps Dark Mode on android

Step 4: Then, Under Settings, choose Theme, and select Always in dark theme

Step 5: Once set, your Google Maps display will change to dark mode, and you can change this through settings

DONE: Enjoy the whole new Google Maps Dark Mode available on Android to all users