How to Connect a Mouse on your Android Smartphone


Did you know you can connect a mouse on your Android Smartphone and use it to click, swipe, or play android games with ease? Well, it’s one of the best ways to use your Android smartphone to accomplish essential tasks that may be difficult to achieve when using the default touch screen module.

In most cases, if your device screen gets damaged and the touchpad severely affected, most areas of your smartphone may fail to function, but if you connect a mouse on your Android smartphone, all functions, menus, apps, can be accessed with ease without the need to touch your screen.

The fact that you can connect a mouse and use it on your Android Smartphone without any difficulties in accessibility shows the evolution of Smartphones. As manufacturers beef up to bring to play cool features which included stylus pens that made it easy to touch on screens, it’s the more Android has become multi-friendly and now accepts computer accessories like your mouse and keyboard alike.

With a simple connection criteria, and ease of use, when you connect a mouse on your Android Smartphone, your device’s touch screen sensitivity is not disabled, but rather works as an extra accessibility option to work around with apps and other relevant Android features you may want to access.

So, whether you have a wireless Bluetooth mouse like the Apple magic mouse, or simply have a wired mouse you wish to connect to your Android smartphone, all options are open for you to use. However, in cases where you have a wired mouse, you need an OTG cable which is sold cheaply online on sites like Amazon, eBay, among others. Nonetheless, here is how you can connect your mouse to an android smartphone.

How you connect a mouse on your android smartphone using bluetooth (Wireless Mouse)

how to connect a mouse on your android smartphon
  • Depending on your Mouse model, disconnect it from any connected devices which could be a computer
  • Once Disconnected, turn the mouse Off and then On to switch it to discovery mode
  • Then, on your Smartphone, open Bluetooth settings and search for nearby devices
  • Your wireless mouse will be displayed on the list, click on it to pair it with your android smartphone
  • Once paired, your mouse will be automatically connected to your smartphone whenever Bluetooth is on
  • DONE: You just connected a wireless Bluetooth mouse on your android smartphone

How you connect a mouse on your android smartphone using a cable (For a wired mouse)

  • From your nearest accessories portal, buy an OTG (USB on the Go) cable (costs $5 or less)
  • Once received, connect your new OTG cable to your Smartphone
  • Then, prepare your wired mouse and connect it to the USB-A side of the cable
  • Once connected, your android smartphone will start registration of the connected accessory
  • Once completed, your mouse will automatically start functioning and available for use on your android smartphone
  • DONE: You just connected a wired mouse to your android smartphone.

So, connecting a mouse on your android smartphone should never be a difficult task ever again, if you have a Bluetooth wireless mouse, you can simply disconnect it from any connection and pair it with your smartphone. On the other hand, for a wired mouse, you’ll be required to buy an OTG cable which is sold cheaply at any smartphone accessories store near you or via eCommerce platforms like Bestbuy, Amazon, Walmart, among others you can buy from.