Here are the best 5 VPNs for Android you can download for free


Android VPNs have grown in popoluarity due to the rise in internt restrictions across several countries in the world. But the more this growth hits new peaks, its the more specific VPNs are targeted to block users from accessing them as a tools to bypass set sanctions.

Commonly in Africa, Android VPNs are a must have and in countries like Uganda and Tanzania, you need to install atleast 5 different versions inorder to get ready for any times when a specific VPN is blocked. For instance, Pisphon Pro ranks as the most popular non-playstore VPN outhtie due to its extensive features, and internet service providers may directly target it inorder to block out users from running it on their smartphones.

Hence, you would need atleast 5 best VPNs for Android as a safety pass to bypass any possible sanctions that may be targeted your way. However, you don’t necessarily need 5 of these, you may decide to install only 1 VPN you can occasionally use even with possible sanctions against the use of VPNs.

Well, among the best 5 VPNs for Android you can run on any verison of the operating system, Nord VPN, Hola VPN, Touch VPN Psiphon pro, Betternet, Cyber Ghost, Hotspot Shield, private Internet access (PIA) among many others, rank as some of the best to choose from.

Best 5 VPNs For Android you can download

5. Psiphon Pro

4. Better Net

3. PIA

2. Hotspot Shield

  1. Shoora VPN

Bonus: Touch VPN